Año 1986

B-4192-HU MU-1561-Z S-1431-O LU-5942-I CU-9356-D
M-9956-HK GE-2576-Y VA-2631-N VI-4553-I SG-6732-D
V-6117-BZ PO-2095-Y GR-7384-M H-3129-I TE-6074-D
A-7829-AU TF-0587-Y LE-5712-M SA-2525-I AV-4986-D
BI-0214-AP SS-9323-X L-1762-M OR-0819-I GU-1482-D
SE-6395-AL Z-6417-X BA-7724-J LO-2789-H CE-7227-C
PM-8776-AK CA-1694-V TO-6734-J AB-1987-H SO-6346-C
O-8409-AJ NA-0269-T AL-4328-J CC-6624-G ML-9760-B
C-3889-AF T-9733-S BU-3427-J HU-4683-G
MA-8813-AD CO-1165-P J-1296-J ZA-5898-E
GC-4409-AB CS-2963-O CR-7616-I P-4934-E

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