Año 1969

M-798142 Z-90492 TF-59827 TO-34652 GU-17069
B-750287 MA-86235 GR-59099 HU-33502 CU-16985
V-253293 CA-79930 CS-58216 CR-33375 SG-15998
SE-161513 C-77450 VA-51487 H-28947 TE-13484
A-144034 CO-74911 LE-49239 CC-28588 AV-12341
PM-138762 T-69607 J-47647 VI-28368 SO-11461
BI-138028 PO-68793 BA-45828 LO-26819 ML-10671
O-124300 NA-67375 AB-38144 LU-26598 CE-10434
MU-112186 S-63655 SA-36788 OR-26251
SS-91534 GC-62359 AL-36022 P-20886
GE-89242 L-60784 BU-35722 ZA-17783

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