Año 1923

B-12705 MA-1269 NA-814 CAS-428 P-264
M-12149 PM-1229 T-733 HU-416 ZA-236
SE-3693 C-1194 VA-731 OR-394 AV-224
BI-3088 A-1135 SA-721 AL-375 SEG-207
SS-2992 J-1092 ALB-673 LO-359 CE-188
V-2498 CO-1045 TO-613 VI-350 SO-146
O-2417 TE-1043 L-582 BU-341 TER-145
S-1753 BA-1029 CAC-532 CR-326
MU-1715 Z-987 LE-509 GU-322
PO-1372 GE-861 ML-463 H-309
CA-1294 GR-860 LU-430 CU-301

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