Año 1968

M-711173 Z-80780 CS-53860 TO-30641 ZA-15566
B-667942 MA-75478 GR-53792 HU-30508 CU-15268
V-228425 CA-70782 TF-52426 CR-30172 SG-14502
SE-144240 C-67932 VA-45698 H-25612 TE-12392
A-129680 CO-67071 LE-43797 VI-25080 AV-10806
PM-124331 T-63944 J-43119 CC-24857 SO-10289
BI-122268 PO-61357 BA-40391 LO-24090 ML-9930
O-109799 NA-60088 AB-34736 LU-23728 CE-9539
MU-103878 S-57968 AL-32935 OR-23323
SS-81794 L-55086 SA-32375 P-18368
GE-81130 GC-55227 BU-31864 GU-15699

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