Año 1951

M-90435 S-8073 T-6236 ML-3793 GU-2319
B-81991 GE-7846 BA-6080 CC-3375 TE-2279
V-23408 PM-7816 L-5918 HU-3048 CE-2189
SE-21176 GC-7799 VA-5398 CR-2968 P-2130
BI-17349 TF-7382 GR-4741 LU-2763 CU-1716
SS-13149 PO-7083 SA-4508 AL-2723 ZA-1596
O-11851 NA-6924 CS-4408 LO-2781 SO-1392
MU-11192 C-6618 LE-4257 SG-2694 AV-1277
Z-9104 CO-6607 AB-4175 VI-2677
A-8578 J-6572 TO-4085 OR-2448
MA-8149 CA-6456 BU-3960 H-2415

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