Año 1988

B-4439-JU MU-6147-AH S-2565-T CR-6936-K CU-8815-E
M-5977-JK TF-6781-AG GR-5621-S LU-3746-K SG-4911-E
V-0644-CV GE-8063-AF VA-8706-P VI-1951-K TE-2884-E
A-9962-BG PO-8860-AD LE-9691-O SA-8580-J AV-2377-E
SE-7094-AX Z-6447-AD L-8110-O OR-8140-J GU-9541-D
BI-4304-AX SS-3127-AD AL-2397-M LO-9085-I CE-2291-D
PM-6888-AW CA-6302-AB TO-1106-M AB-8082-I SO-1774-D
O-3358-AS T-3371-X BA-1000-M CC-1577-I ML-2935-C
MA-5958-AN NA-9188-W J-6138-L HU-7895-H
C-2015-AM CO-7436-U BU-3381-L ZA-4417-F
GC-6227-AK CS-8283-T H-7418-K P-3947-F

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