Año 1966

M-556428 Z-63601 GR-42430 SA-24731 SG-11517
B-527551 MA-57534 GC-42071 CR-23700 CU-11820
V-181148 CA-53739 TF-39887 TO-23658 ZA-11497
SE-112257 T-52387 VA-35381 VI-19535 TE-10235
A-103710 CO-51156 J-34545 H-19143 ML-8611
PM-100142 C-50056 LE-33635 CC-19003 SO-8065
BI-97346 NA-47040 BA-30589 LO-18930 AV-7962
MU-85765 S-46867 AB-28260 LU-18259 CE-7719
O-83215 PO-46438 AL-26313 OR-17201
SS-65998 L-45233 HU-24869 P-14055
GE-65901 CS-44329 BU-24809 GU-12961

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