Año 1916

M-2829 MA-201 BA-128 LE-62 CU-32
B-2372 MU-199 CO-121 ALB-60 ZA-27
SS-1020 CA-192 L-104 AV-56 TER-26
BI-707 PA-179 SA-98 P-56 SEG-21
SE-576 GE-175 LU-93 VI-55 SO-16
V-419 Z-174 AL-73 TO-50
O-410 TE-173 HU-72 H-45
C-333 GR-160 LO-72 CAS-43
S-333 VA-154 T-72 GU-43
PO-262 A-148 CAC-71 CR-37
PM-254 J-133 OR-66 BU-36

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